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Trusted Real Estate Agent
in Rapid City, SD

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, or investing, Jenni Sneesby has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process. From homes for sale and property management to commercial real estate and luxury homes in Pennington County, SD, She’ll provide unmatched service to ensure a successful and stress-free transaction.

Places Around Rapid City, SD That
You Will Love To Live In

Rapid City, SD

Rapid City, SD, is in the heart of the Black Hills. As a premier destination for Real Estate, Rapid City boasts many properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and luxury estates, all nestled among the picturesque hills and towering pines. Rapid City has something for everyone, whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to upgrade your living situation. Rapid City is an excellent place to call home, with a thriving economy, outstanding schools, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Blackhawk, SD

Blackhawk, SD, is a beautiful town just outside Rapid City. With stunning views of the Black Hills and easy access to outdoor recreation, Blackhawk is a prime location for real estate investments. Whether searching for a family home or a vacation property, Blackhawk has various options to fit your needs. This charming community has something for everyone, from spacious lots to cozy cabins.

Summerset, SD

Welcome to Summerset, SD – a beautiful city just a few miles east of Rapid City, South Dakota. This small but vibrant community offers the perfect blend of rural charm and urban amenities, making it an ideal place to call home. Summerset features a variety of residential properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos, all available at reasonable prices. With easy access to outdoor recreational activities, excellent schools, shopping, and dining options, Summerset is a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the area.

Hot Springs, SD

Hot Springs, SD, is a hidden gem for Real Estate opportunities. Located in the southern Black Hills, this charming town boasts natural hot springs, breathtaking scenery, and a rich history. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence, Hot Springs offers a variety of Real Estate options to fit your needs. With its small-town charm and friendly community, Hot Springs is the perfect place to call home.

Box Elder, SD

Box Elder, SD, is a charming city in Pennington County, South Dakota. This thriving community is known for its picturesque landscapes, friendly locals, and affordable real estate options. As a real estate agent, Jenni Sneesby can help you find the perfect home or property to suit your needs in this area. From cozy starter homes to spacious estates, Box Elder offers a range of options for buyers. With easy access to Rapid City and the Black Hills, Box Elder is the perfect place to call home.

About Jenni Sneesby at Engel and Volkers a Rapid City, SD Realtor

Jenni Sneesby, the unrivaled real estate agent in Rapid City, SD, is your ultimate solution for all your real estate needs. With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and local expertise, Jenni aims to be the premier real estate agent in South Dakota. As a professional for Engel and Volkers Rapid City, SD, her core values of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and accountability are the bedrock of her business, always putting the client’s needs first.

Based on 6 reviews
Shawn Rost
Shawn Rost
If you want guaranteed satisfaction then Jenni Sneesby is your agent in Spearfish! Highly recommend her to anyone needing a real estate agent. Jenni and the Engel and Volkers team are sure to do big things in the Spearfish market.
Sheree Church
Sheree Church
Jenni Sneesby helped me out so much in getting my new house. I feel like she had to pull some strings for me to get into my house and for that, I am eternally grateful! Thank you so much!!
Glenn Camacho
Glenn Camacho
Jenni Sneesby s amazing! In a very tight market, Jenni found the perfect house for me. She listened to me and was always available, which was all the more important because I was in another state and was not able to come to SD to view anything in person.
dylan nelson
dylan nelson
I had an amazing experience working with Jenni, a top-notch local real estate agent in Spearfish, South Dakota. Not only did she help me sell my home quickly and for a great price, but she also assisted me in finding and purchasing my dream home. Jenni's expertise and knowledge of the local market were invaluable throughout the entire process. If you're looking for a reliable and skilled real estate agent in Spearfish, look no further than Jenni!
Roderick Stanton
Roderick Stanton
What a great team to work with! The depth of knowledge and care Jenni provides for her clients is unmatched! Whether you have lived in South Dakota your whole life or are entirely new to the area, Jenni is ready to help you find your dream home. But the support doesn’t stop there, working with Jenni opens the doors for continued support and services because she has the Engel & Völkers team to support her. They have you covered! Highly recommend Jenni!
Debbie McGrath
Debbie McGrath
Jenni and her team made our house-buying experience wonderful. Jenni and the team at Engel & Volkers was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They found us the perfect house in Spearfish at a great price and were there whenever we needed assistance. Thanks for everything!

Real Estate Solutions In Rapid City, SD

South Dakota

Jenni is an expert in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, staying up-to-date with the latest market trends and developments. Her services include property valuation, marketing, negotiations, and legal and financial assistance. Working closely with clients to understand their unique needs, Jenni tailors solutions to ensure a seamless experience. Contact Jenni for all your real estate needs.

Property Management In Rapid City

Maximize your rental profits and reduce your workload with our comprehensive property management services. We handle everything from rent collection to maintenance and tenant screening, ensuring that your property is always expertly managed. Trust us to take care of your investment while you enjoy the benefits of hassle-free ownership.

Rapid City Real Estate Investing

Jenni offers personalized investment solutions that align with your individual needs and goals. With her professional guidance and support, you’ll receive expert assistance at every step of the investment process, including property selection, financing, and management. Trust in Jenni to help you achieve the highest possible returns on your investment.

Get in Touch With Jenni Sneesby In Rapid City

Achieve your real estate goals effortlessly with our exceptional services! Schedule a consultation with us now, and let us assist you with all your real estate needs. Contact us today to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Additional Services to Make Your Rapid City Real Estate Experience Hassle-Free

Home Staging Services

Maintaining your property is crucial to preserving its value and charm. Property maintenance services encompass regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep to keep your property in excellent condition. Emergency maintenance services are also available, ensuring your property is always in capable hands. Trust Jenni to ensure your property is well-maintained and appealing.

Property Maintenance Services

Maintaining your property is crucial to preserving its value and charm. Property maintenance services encompass regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep to keep your property in excellent condition. Emergency maintenance services are also available, ensuring your property is always in capable hands. Trust Jenni to ensure your property is well-maintained and appealing.

Rapid City, SD Real Estate: Your Buying and Selling Guide

Here are some essential guidelines for buying or selling property in Rapid City, South Dakota:

Buying Property:

  • Choose a reputable real estate agent
  • Determine your budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage
  • Research the neighborhoods in Rapid City
  • Attend open houses and schedule private showings
  • Make an offer on the property you want and negotiate the terms of the sale

Selling Property:

  • Choose a reputable real estate agent
  • Prepare your property for sale
  • Price your property competitively
  • List your property on multiple listing services and market it effectively
  • Negotiate with potential buyers and close the sale

Benefits of Working with a Realtor in Rapid City, SD

With comprehensive local market knowledge, Jenni Sneesby and her team can help you explore your options and find the best investment opportunities in Rapid City, SD real estate. You can be provided with valuable insights into the current market conditions, identify up-and-coming neighborhoods, and helped to find properties that fit your investment goals and budget.

Looking for a Rapid City, SD Realtor?
Trust Jenni to Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Trust the best Rapid City, SD realtor to help you find your dream home. With years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, Jenni Sneesby and our team can guide you through the buying process and provide personalized attention. Browse our comprehensive listings of Rapid City, SD homes for sale, and start finding your perfect property today.


Our team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Get the answers you need to navigate the real estate market with confidence. Discover key insights and valuable information about buying, selling, and investing in real estate.

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who assists buyers and sellers in buying or selling a property. Their role includes identifying suitable properties, conducting property showings, negotiating offers, and facilitating the closing.

Buying a house typically involves finding a real estate agent, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, searching for homes, making an offer, negotiating with the seller, and closing the deal.

Closing costs are fees associated with the purchase or sale of a property, such as appraisal fees, title insurance, and legal fees. These costs are typically paid at the time of closing.

You can finance a property purchase by obtaining a mortgage from a lender. You must provide proof of income, credit history, and a down payment to do so. You can also consider alternative financing options such as owner financing or a lease-to-own agreement.

A mortgage is a loan used to purchase real estate, typically with a fixed or adjustable interest rate and a specified repayment period. To get a mortgage, you must meet specific eligibility requirements and go through the application process with a lender.

Home equity is the difference between the value of your home and the outstanding balance on your mortgage. You can use this equity to secure a home equity loan or line of credit, which can be used for things like home improvements or other expenses.